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My Very New York Bachelorette Party

A couple of weekends ago, my bridesmaids and I headed to New York City to celebrate my fast approaching nuptials and generally have a debaucherous time. Our weekend was filled with fabulously ‘New York’ experiences - think Frank Sinatra, killer pizza and subway adventures. Keep reading to get a behind the scenes look at what we got up to on #SamInTheCity.

A Guide to Travel Itinerary Planning

Travelling has become a bit of hot topic for us lately. With our trip to Malta last fall, a handful of weekend adventures in years past and our honeymoon fast approaching, it’s safe to say our sense of wanderlust is alive and well. As with other facets of my life, travelling is just as much about the planning process as it is the execution. I feel like you can never be too prepared when exploring a new destination which is why I spend an ample amount of time developing a detailed itinerary for each trip we take.