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Recipe Box: Mushroom Ravioli

When I was in university, we had a campus cafe that served the BEST mushroom ravioli. It’s been years since I’ve had it so I tried to recreate the dish a few weeks ago, complete with hand-rolled dough. Keep reading for my recipe for mushroom ravioli and get some of the tips I picked up along the way!

Eat Like A Gilmore: Lasagna Roll Ups

Last week I was in contact with Kristi Carlson, you may recognize her from such books as Eat Like A Gilmore and the highly anticipated, just released, Eat Like A Gilmore: Daily Cravings. Kristi was looking for bloggers (check), with their own website (check), that had a love of cooking (check) and who were BIG fans of Gilmore Girls (check) to try some of the recipes that are included in the new cookbook that was just released yesterday.

I was asked to try the recipe for Lasagna and write a post about it and honestly, I was thrilled.

Fall Farmer's Market List

I’ve got a heart that battles between loving Spring while also loving Fall. How can one possibly love a season full of growth AND a season of ending, all at once? On one hand, there are buds growing into leaves and flowers blooming, while on the other, leaves change colour, falling to the ground making room for snowy branches. But I figured it out.