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How to Master the Art of Tablescaping

How to Master the Art of Tablescaping

Unless your hobby is scouring Pinterest and Lifestyle Blogs (like myself), you might not know exactly what Tablescaping means. Using your imagination, you might conclude that Tablescaping is landscaping for tables - you’re not far off. The Oxford Dictionary definition of a tablescape is “A decorative arrangement of ornaments or other objects on a tabletop”. It sounds a little monochromatic so the best way that I can explain Tablescaping is as follows:

Tablescaping is the art of creating a theme, experience or mood through the intentional and creative arrangement of a table or other table like surface.

So let’s get down to it - How does one master the art of Tablescaping?

Start with a theme, mood or experience

This part can be pretty simple - having a holiday dinner? Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving decor can be found at your local craft store or dollar store so there’s something for every budget. But if you’re having some friends and family over to critique some new recipes or to catch up and take a break from the hustle of day to day life, you might wonder where you can draw inspiration for your theme. Tablescapes can be centred around a particular colour or theme (think nautical or enchanted forest); the options are limitless, so use your imagination!

Think about the type of event you’re hosting

The types of items you choose to decorate your table will be dictated by the type of event that you’re hosting. Elaborate candles and flowers with fine china can work for a formal event but might be a bit out of place if you’re hosting a build-your-own pizza party.

Pick a focal point

Having competing elements can be a distraction to your guests so be sure to pick a stand out piece and work the rest of your decor around that. A beautiful flower arrangement can make a perfect centerpiece but make sure your flowers are cut to an appropriate length so you don’t block your guests and impede conversation.

Nothing is off limits

Think about the things you enjoy, the hobbies or interest of your guests and what you have available to you at home. No one said that flowers and candles are the only items that should be placed on a table. Tablescaping provides the perfect excuse to show off some old books you love or some jewellry that is eye catching but not really your style.

Less is more

The absolute last thing you want to do when Tablescaping is to forget that a table is usually used to eat at. It needs to be functional so having piles and piles of antique tea cups that could topple over at anytime is probably not ideal.

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