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Sunday Round Up

Sunday Round Up

Hey! Happy Sunday!

I’m writing today’s post from my favourite spot in the house - the kitchen island. BH is meal prepping (he’s the real MVP) and we’re listening to the Hangover Friendly Playlist on Spotify which, I might add, is great even when you’re not hungover.

We’ve been accumulating some new furniture for the house and trying to turn it into a place that is more reflective of us and our tastes. I’m taking a page out of Joanna Gaines’ book (Homebody) on this one and trying to ensure that every space, while nicely decorated, serves its purpose. I recently finished reading Homebody and one paragraph stuck out the most:

I am thankful that a room exists for the purpose of giving us a spot to rest and to gather with the people that we love, even if what we have is not our ideal shape or dream set up. Instead, what we can create is a place where the stories and memories of our lives are sewn into its very fabric. And that should only get better with time.

- Joanna Gaines

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But seriously, imagine what our homes would be if we made them a place that facilitated the creation of ideas, harboured the specialness of memories; where laughter echoed through the walls and down the halls?

That’s what I call a home.

Anyway, on to the reason you’re here… my fave links from the week:

  1. This GENIUS and beautiful IKEA hack turned stunning closet “built in”

  2. A Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake that looks so friggin’ delicious (and it’s Vegan!)

  3. Some wonderfully crafted comments about how to make, and keep friends

  4. The idea of creating white space in your daily routine; think self care, quiet reflection, a little alone time

  5. Winter citrus is back in season and this Grapefruit Tart looks almost too beautiful to eat… almost.

Let me know if you read any of the links, I’d love to discuss!

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