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Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup

HELLLOOO friends!

It’s been a while since our last Sunday Roundup - April came around and all hell broke loose with all of the wedding stuff we’ve got going on as we find ourselves in the home stretch. Less than 30 days now and SHIT IS GETTING REAL. We’re putting all the final touches on schedule and logistics, practicing speeches and sorting out all of our music selections.

Which brings me to my next point… can someone please explain to me the genius that is Billy Ray Cyrus and the glorious one hit wonders that he has brought into our lives? Listen, Achy Breaky Heart is obviously a bonafide classic. But then they guy hits us 26 years later with Old Town Road? We don’t deserve him. I guess this makes him a two hit wonder which doesn’t have the same ring but when you’re a trailblazing hoedown homie, does it matter? I think not.

And if we can learn anything from this its that we should never let someone tell us we are a one hit wonder, or a one trick pony. Which fits well with the current pivot I find myself making so stay tuned for that exciting news.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s get into the good stuff:

  1. This list of board games to vamp up your grown-up game night…I’ll tell you a secret about me - I EXCEL in competitive board games. I’m talking Taboo and Catchphrase. I kill it. You want me on your team.

  2. These foolproof tips for glowing up your grocery store flowers.

  3. I highly recommend adding these recipes to your arsenal, especially if you’re not super comfortable hosting or cooking for a crowd…

  4. …because potlucks are a lot like THIS (the NYT always has funny, relatable articles that make me LOL)

  5. I added this recipe to our repertoire and I shit you not, it is one of my absolute FAVOURITE chicken recipes. TRY IT, IMMEDIATELY

That’s all for this week, but hit me up if you want to discuss Billy Ray. No, really.

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