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Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup

Good morning sports fans!

Could it be? Are we finally passed the literal and figurative slump otherwise known as winter? I don’t mean to jinx it but I broke out my Chuck Taylor’s yesterday and wore a JUST a hoodie to the grocery store. It was still 0 degrees but we’re halfway through March FOR GOD SAKES and I’m over it.

We bought some new patio furniture this week (PSA: Wayfair.ca has 40-60% off right MEOW). I finally put away the Valentine’s Day decor and we did some Spring cleaning yesterday. Something about the smell of Pinesol really kicks the motivation to get shit done into high gear, I blame (read: thank) my mother. If you’re not typically one for seasonal cleaning, might I suggest that at the very least you clean out your fridge? We took that task on yesterday and it’s wild how much better I feel knowing that my unseen clutter has been dealt with. And speaking of which - anyone want the bleu cheese brie I found on the top shelf? I don’t even know what possessed me to buy bleu cheese. I’m v concerned.

Anywho, let’s get right into it shall we??

  1. Speaking of patio season (my personal favourite season of course) check out these patio must haves according to designers

  2. Some yoga poses for all the folks strapped to a desk all day or suffering from text neck

  3. Lark & Linen’s guide to living room rug sizes

  4. Sometimes Spring cleaning also means dusting off your metaphorical cobwebs

  5. All the things we did before the internet

Here’s hoping your Sunday is friggin’ fabulous.

Recipe Box: Mushroom Ravioli

Recipe Box: Mushroom Ravioli