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Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup


What an interesting week it’s been! We spent our Family Day weekend painting our house various shades of white and had a week of getting shit done. It was one of those weeks where I had to really hunker down to cross some tasks off the to-do list. I have a habit of letting laundry linger longer than it should. I usually blame it on the fact that we are on a well so our water supply is finite. The well needs time to fill back up between uses; sometimes it’s more that I’m just lazy.

It’s interesting how the same can be said of life. We live in a world of instant gratification, where ‘yes’ feels like the only answer we can give and busyness is worn as a badge of honour. But with this sense of always having to be ‘on’ it’s no wonder we burn out, and find ourselves miserably going through the motions. See, without taking time to fill ourselves back up, we struggle to have anything left to give. The adventures with friends, achieving goals at work, making memories with our people, become so much harder because we’re uninspired and exhausted.

So how about this… let’s take today, or this week, or this month to find time to fill ourselves back up. Read a good book, get in a sweaty gym sesh, pull out all your keepsakes and a lifetime of greeting cards and have a good cry (just a suggestion, not like I’ve actually done this… jokes). Whatever it looks like for you, just give yourself a little grace and do something you love. Much like the well, we’ve only got so much to give and there’s a lot of life left to live.

Alright, I’ll turn off my inner Oprah and get into it. Here are the links around the web that I’m into this week.

  1. This idea of non-recipes is something I can get behind. I’m a supporter of keeping a fully stocked pantry and if you’ve got staples, you can make something delicious.

  2. Another helpful home decor tip from Lark & Linen for hanging art above furniture.

  3. We got all snapped up last weekend and I baked these cookies. So easy, SOOOOO delicious. Honestly, just make them and thank me later.

  4. This round up of bridal bouquets from our florist Emily at Threads and Blooms

  5. A MUST read for those coupled up folks about being the one with a short fuse and how perspective brings you closer together. Here’s my favourite snippet:

“Why are we happier now?” I ask my husband. He thinks for a minute, says, “We’re more grateful. Quicker to let stuff go. Yeah, I’m really annoying to you, but at least I’m not dead.” This makes me laugh, but it’s strangely true. We’re like people after a war, brimming with gratitude for the boring, precious dailiness of our lives—quicker to forgive, to move forward, to feel so, so lucky that we have each other, however annoyed we may be. However imperfect. I think this is called perspective.

And that’s it for this week. Now go fill yourself up.

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