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Sunday Round Up

Sunday Round Up

Well shit, the holidays flew by didn’t they? I guess this whole year seemed to go by at a lightning fast pace. I don’t know about you, but some time in the Spring, every year, I feel like the year is just dragging. Then we hit the summer and it feels like we don’t stop until January 1st (partially because the busyness of the birthday/holiday season is over for us and partially because we’re usually hung over AF, to be honest)

I’m writing this Round Up as the cherry on top of a day filled with small joys. A slow start, a leisurely grocery shop, building an ice rink in our back yard with pals and competing in a ferocious Super Smash Brothers tournament.

We’re heading full steam ahead into 2019 and it’s going to be an exciting one! We’ve got a tasting appointment for our wedding menu, DIY days with my gal pals for our decor, our Stag & Doe and our bachelor and bachelorette trips (HELLO Nashville and NYC!) and then the friggin’ big day is upon us. Not to mention, we’re off to the United Kingdom in the Fall for our Heritage Honeymoon. So, no shortage of excitement in the months to come.

I’m wrapping up 2018 with this last Round Up and I think you’re going to be about it.

As always, would you do me a fave?? Leave a comment below if you check out any of these links! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  1. The NY Times started accepting submissions for tiny love stories (100 words or less) and these are all kinds of beautiful.

  2. I stumbled across this post and learned SO MUCH about myself! It was scary how accurately the definition of an empath describes me; and my quirks kind of make sense now!

  3. As we head into a New Year, check out this board on Pinterest filled with all sorts of inspiring quotes.

  4. A new year means new goals, from health and lifestyle to business development. This article takes the guesswork out of creating a content marketing strategy so you can amp up your traffic and convert your leads!

  5. I met Jill via Instagram a few months ago and I REALLY enjoy the content she shares and the tools she creates with regards to copywriting/blogging. This post about creating better blog posts is a great reminder to get back to the basics.

There you have it, the last Sunday Round Up of 2018. It’s been a friggin’ slice!

And, from my family to yours - wishing you a happy, healthy and hella good New Year!

2019; New Year, New Goals

2019; New Year, New Goals

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