Recipe Box: Just Peachy

I LOVE peaches. They’re sweet and juicy and remind me of a warm summer day. Peaches are currently in season so I rounded up a few recipes to help you make the most of this sunshine filled fruit.

Before we dive into the recipes, you need to know how to tell if a peach is ripe. There is nothing worse than biting into a crunchy peach - that’s just odd. First, look at the yellow colour of the peach. It should be a deep golden colour rather than a pale yellow. Ignore the red completely - it means nothing! Next, give the peach a firm squeeze, you can tell right away if it’s soft or if it still needs a few more days on the counter. Finally, check for wrinkles on the skin of the peach, especially around the stem. Ripe peaches have wrinkles!

Peach Pie Turnovers by The Domestic Rebel

I’m a fan of pie and an even bigger fan of recipes inspired by pie but with their own unique twist. These turnovers are simple to make (they call for pre-made puff pastry and canned pie filling) and are ready in a snap. Drizzle them with an icing sugar glaze and no one would guess they are made with just 6 ingredients in less than an hour.

Peach Stuffed Pork by Martha Stewart

Savoury pork paired with sweet dried peaches make this recipe something special. Because pork is such a malleable meat the flavours of the peach, cloves and brown sugar are showcased nicely. Plus the recipe also yields a wonderful sauce which is a nice accent to take the pork to the next level of flavour and juiciness.

Summer Peach Pizza with Balsamic Reduction by Love & Olive Oil

I eat pizza any chance I get. When I stumbled across this recipe, I thought it would be the perfect blend of savoury and sweet. Juicy peaches, melty mozzarella and earthy balsamic glaze, it checks all of the boxes! I would definitely add some prosciutto if you’re a meat eater - you won't regret it! A word to the wise - you may consider buying a balsamic reduction rather than making your own because it makes your whole house REEK (speaking from experience).

Let me know if you try any of these recipes! I’d love to hear your thoughts!