Plan the Perfect Night In

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From what I remember, our lives now seem so much busier than they were when I was growing up. We’re constantly connected and we always know what our friends and family are doing (so long as they’re on social media). Maybe this fuels a fear of missing out, so we overbook ourselves and commit to functions because we feel like we need to even if we’d rather not attend.

It really makes you appreciate a low-key night in, spending quality time with our favourite folks. And I’ve got ideas to help you plan the perfect night in.


The first step in having the perfect night in may be to unplug from all your devices. Being connected by Instagram or Snapchat can lead to comparing yourself to what your friends are up to. Sure, it’s great to live vicariously through someone to a degree but in my opinion, if you’re wanting some real quality time to recharge and relax, ditch the electronics and be present in your moment.

Do something you REALLY want to do

Maybe you’re into crocheting or reading but hardly have a quiet moment to concentrate. Maybe you love to try new recipes but can never find the time. Maybe you’ve been wanting to catch up on the new it show. Whatever it is you want to do, do it. Like I said before, we’re always rushing around and on the go so when you have the time to have the perfect night in, eat the Kraft Dinner, watch season 3 of Nashville and stay up until 2am. Because you can!

Stock up

My night in might look different than yours but if I’m going all out you can bet that I’ve got some food I love (think Chinese takeout, nachos, chocolate covered almonds, the list is a mile long) and a game plan to make the best use of my time. I’ve got my book ready to go or Netflix cueing up the next episode of Gilmore Girls or my couch perfectly equipped with my favourite throw blanket and pillow for a nice siesta!

Share the love

If you’re up for it, ask a few friends to join you! A spontaneous night in with your pals can make for the best of times. Try a new cocktail recipe, eat some cheese, critique the contestants on Master Chef. The best part? It’s cheaper than a night on the town. And bonus points for not having to avoid stage 5 clingers at the bar.

How do you spend your wild nights in? I tell you, they’re my favourite day of them all!