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On Unexpected Reminders (& Sunday Roundup)

On Unexpected Reminders (& Sunday Roundup)

There’s a certain familiarity that comes from dating someone for 10 years. We’ve gone from high school sweethearts to roommates to almost married; seen the good, the bad, and the really friggin’ ugly. But there's a comfort in that, I think.

Interestingly, the familiarity also cascades into the rest of our lives wherein we surround ourselves with our people who have become constant fixtures. We are creatures of habit in that regard. We often find ourselves clinging to the familiar. The people we surround ourselves with know us completely, and love us for who we are, whatever that may be. And life goes by. Ever fleeting. Details unnoticed; perhaps sometimes taken for granted.

Which brings me to my point… I got to watch my guy graduate from his apprenticeship last week. And while his hard work and dedication are certainly commendable, that wasn’t really what made me most proud. I met these new faces who approached us with beaming smiles, hearty laughs, and firm handshakes. They said things like ‘we did it!’, ‘you already know this, but he’s hilarious’, and ‘hey Hale, remember that week when...:”

I met classmates and teachers, and I started to paint the picture of all the people I’d only ever heard about over the last four years. And with each new introduction came reminders of all the wonderful qualities that are always there but that I often forget to acknowledge, because they became familiar. So, my pride last weekend? It came from hearing how great my person is from people I’ve never met. That unexpected reminder.

See, I know why he’s great. I know that he’s funny and kind; determined and dedicated. And I know that once you have his heart, it’s yours forever. I know this. The thing is, this familiarity I’m talking about gives way to routine, and from routine comes the opportunity to forget to appreciate what we have.

The last decade has been filled with experiences, lessons, and adventures for which I’m grateful. But there is nothing better than the feeling of strangers reminding you of all the reasons why.

And because it’s been a while (I’ll blame a wicked cold and wedding prep), here are some links I’m loving lately:

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And that’s all this time, go enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

All heart,

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