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On The Concept of Time (& Sunday Roundup)

On The Concept of Time (& Sunday Roundup)

Time is interesting. From a quantitative stance, it remains the same. With every tick of a second, every passing of a minute - it’s all the same, every time. And yet Summers fly by, Friday afternoons in the office drag on endlessly and life begins, and ends, in a single instant. So, it would appear, not all time is equal.

That would explain why the decade that it took for me to become a wife seems to have flown by just as quickly as our wedding day did. Time is funny that way. We have years that last forever, littered with unruly diagnoses, bad news and unfavourable luck. And we have years like this one, racing away in the blink of an eye no matter how hard we try to cling to them.

See, what makes the difference is how we spend that time. And the memories we create with it. So before I get into a long, prolific monologue about the fleeting nature of our lives, I’ll leave you with some advice that has made all the difference for me in recent years…

  • Take the damn picture. I don’t care how stupid you think you look, this photo is your only ticket back to this memory.

  • Keep trying new things - new experiences create the most vivid memories.

  • Write some stuff down. Journals, sticky notes, agendas - your future memoir-writing grandchild will thank you.

  • Remember your ‘why’, every single day. Find your reason to get out of bed in the morning, and then get out of bed in the morning.

  • Be grateful, because time really is passing in the blink of an eye.

And now for the links I’m loving this week (and where I drew some inspiration from for this very post):

  1. This nifty quiz to determine your creative type (I’m an Adventurer - A people-person with deep emotions and empathy, natural storytellers and performers. You have a powerful ability to inspire and are at your best when you’re sharing your creative expressions with others.)

  2. Some tips to make your home feel more ‘grown up’ 

  3. While we’re on the topic of being grown up, check out these cleaning hacks for when company is coming over

  4. The Japanese secret to a longer, happier life (hint: all about your ‘why’)

  5. This essay on using the rule of firsts to slow time down.

That’s all for this week, now go make some memories.

All heart,

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