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My Very New York Bachelorette Party

My Very New York Bachelorette Party

A couple of weekends ago, my bridesmaids and I headed to New York City to celebrate my fast approaching nuptials and generally have a debaucherous time. Our weekend was filled with fabulously ‘New York’ experiences - think Frank Sinatra, killer pizza and subway adventures. Keep reading to get a behind the scenes look at what we got up to on #SamInTheCity.

Day One: Arrival in Manhattan and Views from the Top of The Rock

We landed in NYC in the early afternoon and quickly made our way to the taxi/Uber area (I guess that’s what happens when you travel with only a carry-on, nice job gals). We piled into a gigantic family sized SUV and made our way to our Hell’s Kitchen AirBNB. Our driver, while cool with his Bronx dwelling street cred, seemed to be rather useless when we prodded him about cool restaurants or bars to check out. He did however, respond with an enthusiastic “I LOVE NEW YORK” when we asked how he liked living in the city.

Once we dropped off our bags at the AirBNB we ventured out to find a bite to eat. We stumbled across a real hole in the wall joint for some wood oven pizza. Capizzi had a wide selection of neapolitan-style pizzas and some of the best sangria I’ve ever had, which is saying something given my affinity for booze soaked fruit. Most of the gals ordered the Margherita pizza, I opted for one with hot Italian sausage and caramelized fennel. It was an awesome first meal that set the tone for the weekend. We found that the most unassuming spots had food, atmosphere and service that were top-notch.

After we wrapped up at Capizzi, we headed back to our AirBNB and stopped to stock up at the liquor store conveniently located right below our apartment. Talk about kismet. We had some drinks, the gals put up some tasteful decorations (sorry, Dad) and we fixed our faces before b-lining it to the Rockefeller Center.

Me, and the coolest outfit I’ve ever worn.

Me, and the coolest outfit I’ve ever worn.


I had purchased tickets to the Top of The Rock and I was not about to miss our time slot. Spoiler alert: The views did not disappoint! We ascended 70 floors in a lightning fast elevator and made our way to the outdoor observation deck which featured unobstructed, amazing views of NYC - specifically the Empire State building, and more specifically our fabulous selves.


After taking all of our cool girl photos, we headed back down to street level and found a Sushi/Japanese restaurant nearby called Hama. I had the Chicken Teriyaki and it was quite tasty. The server noticed my sash and knew we were there for a celebration so she sent over a complimentary Mai Tai which was so kind.


We grabbed an Uber back to the apartment, had a few drinks and headed to an Irish pub on our street, turns out it was friggin crickets in there so took a quick shot of Fireball and left to find another bar. We stumbled upon Beer Authority, we knew we were in the right place when we walked in and were immediately hit with the smell of chicken wings. Major score! After our second dinner, we headed back to the apartment to catch some Zzz.

Here we are having a super fab time at second dinner, night 1

Here we are having a super fab time at second dinner, night 1

Day Two: XL Pot Pie, Museum of Sex (WTF) and Frank Sinatra

We woke up Friday morning and had a leisurely morning - it was raining pretty good and we didn’t have a particularly tight schedule. After we bought some 2 dollar umbrellas, we walked over to Time Square and had lunch at the Brooklyn Diner. We were just a smidge too late for breakfast but lunch was still pretty tasty. I got this massive chicken pot pie.


After lunch, we tested our luck with the NYC subway system. I’m happy to report that we are now experts, and lived (narrowly) to tell the tale. We made our way to the Flatiron District to check out the Museum of Sex. It was weird, I am obviously very sheltered and I would not pay money to see it again. I’ll leave it at that. Here are some pics from our adventures during the afternoon:

Only smiling because we had not yet tried the highly overrated cotton candy champagne cocktails, yick.

Only smiling because we had not yet tried the highly overrated cotton candy champagne cocktails, yick.

Once we wrapped up at the Museum of Sex, we took the subway back to Times Square, hit our apartment to freshen up and change into our official shirts. We had made reservations for dinner at a little Italian restaurant on Restaurant Row called Don’t Tell Mama. The restaurant also happened to be a piano bar and coincidentally it was the night that the AMAZING Don Shelden (and friends) were performing the Frank Sinatra Jukebox. When I tell you that Don, Annette, Russ, Ronnie and of course, the legendary Jerry Bruno performed one of the best shows I have ever seen, it’s an understatement (we’re obviously on a first name basis because we are quite possibly their biggest fans). From the moment Don and Annette took the stage, we were utterly captivated. They performed and sang with such a contagious, nostalgic energy that we were SWOONING. I truly cannot do the performance justice, there aren’t enough words to describe it; so I’ll leave you with this - Don can be found on Instagram @sheldend and he’s been posting updates about their next show; I would be remiss if I did not INSIST that you plan your next trip to the States around their tour schedule. You have not LIVED until you’ve seen Don Shelden’s Sinatra Jukebox. And that’s a fact.

Some of the gals riding the BIGGEST high after the Sinatra Jukebox.

Some of the gals riding the BIGGEST high after the Sinatra Jukebox.

The gals and Jerry Bruno

The gals and Jerry Bruno

Once the show wrapped up at Don’t Tell Mama, we danced and sang our way back to the apartment and kept the party going. After some (several) drinks, we headed to a speakeasy inspired bar called Tanner Smiths that had a pretty cool vibe. We grabbed some drinks and obviously cut a rug on the D-floor. Before we knew it, it was after 2am and we stumbled back to the apartment and called it a night (or morning I guess is more accurate).

Day Three: Drybar, Brooklyn & Queen of Hearts

We were severely hurtin’ units Saturday morning (insert Rolaids and mimosas). Thankfully, I had booked appointments for blowouts at Drybar for noon so we had a slow start to the day. We walked over to the salon and had an hour of pampering while we nursed our hangovers. By the time we wrapped up we were starving so we walked around to find a spot for lunch. We ended up at the restaurant right across from the apartment called Nitti’s for brunch. The food and bellinis we’re delish and the playlist was top notch! We ended up talking to the owner, Will, who told us about his friendship with Two Chains (a story for another time) and gave us some free housemade chocolate and cookies after we told him the reason for our trip to New York (it was my massive rock that gave it away).


Our next stop was Brooklyn so we jumped on the subway (we were experts now) and made our way downtown and across the East River. We explored DUMBO and got some shots in the iconic neighbourhood. It was, unfortunately, saturated with people trying to be Instagram famous but it was a nice area nonetheless. We grabbed a coffee and walked around, taking in the sights. Brooklyn was definitely more my speed in terms of the smaller crowds and quieter streets. I’d definitely like to go back and spend some more time exploring.


Our last big stop of the night was in East Williamsburg/Bushwick to visit Company XIV for their burlesque show Queen of Hearts. Before the show, we perused the neighbourhood and grabbed some dinner at Dock Asian Eatery. I ordered Pad See Ew which was delicious but some of the gals didn’t particularly enjoy their meals which was disappointing. We headed to the theatre and were once again blown away! Every detail down to the smell of Frankincense, cocktails served in vintage tea cups and all aspects of the set, decor and costumes made us feel like we had stepped right into an M-rated version of Alice in Wonderland. The singers and dancers were beyond talented and the show was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. If you’re headed to NYC and looking for something a bit more unique than the typical tourist attractions, I would HIGHLY recommend a show at XIV.


And that’s a wrap! We flew home, we haven’t been the same since and I’m getting married in 30 days.

I’d like to take a moment to send a very BIG thank you to my wonderous bridesmaids. I would not be me without you. You have changed my life forever and you will never really know how much you mean to me.

P.s. many of these photos were taken by my friend, and our resident photographer Tamara. Thank you for your artistic eye!

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