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How To Make Your Home Feel More Welcoming

How To Make Your Home Feel More Welcoming

Over the last several years I’ve developed a bit of a reputation when it comes to hosting gatherings of all kinds. Dinner parties, girls nights, birthdays, bonfires… you name it, I’ll host it. I revel in every element of party prep from planning to execution, and I’ll tell you something - people seem to be about it because they keep coming back.

I plan menus and decorations, playlists and entertainment, and I love the details that go into pulling off a kickass shin-dig. But I love something else more.

As our friends and family walk through the door to see what I’ve got up my sleeve this time, I notice this rather inexplicable shift in their demeanor. It’s almost as though they take their day off at the door; leaving the busyness and stress on my front porch before approaching the night ahead.

If I had to be honest, my love for hosting all kinds of crazy gatherings isn’t entirely about the planning… or the execution, for that matter. But it is about the joy our guests find in our home and at our parties, whether that’s 5 rounds deep in Mario Cart or family breakfast at the kitchen island the morning after a banger.

I guess we’re doing something right.

And since I think everyone can benefit from a good old fashioned social gathering, I’m sharing my top tips for making your home feel more welcoming. Keep reading to get my insider tricks of the hosting trade.

01. Clear the clutter

When my brain is running at full capacity (and not planning a wedding or getting over a 3-week sinus infection), most of the ‘stuff’ in our house has a place. Our counters are clear, my books stay stacked or shelved and we try to have all of our shoes put away - at least when company arrives. I feel like we strike a fine balance between a chaotic disaster and a minimalistic asylum, our look can be described as ‘lived in’. Without clutter, people feel less on edge and are more likely to relax.

02. Fresh flowers, always

I always have at least one vase of fresh flowers in our house. I read an article a while ago about the benefits of bringing the outside into your home or some zen bullshit like that, so I’m going with it. Plus a floral fragrance can make your home feel light and airy, and a pop of colour isn’t half bad either.

03. Display family photos

People want to feel like they’re in the home of a real-life human being. Hanging family photos adds personality and is an instant recipe for joy. Smiley family memories give me all kinds of feels.

04. Add personal and unique decor

Similar to family photos, unique decor such as kid’s artwork, homemade pottery or candles, and family heirlooms add a layer of personality to a space that would otherwise be your run-of-the-mill greige living room. Items like these evoke feelings of nostalgia and delight, creating a connection between the walls of your home and the people you invite into it.

05. Have snacks at the ready

Hungry people aren’t happy people, obviously. It’s important to have a variety of snacks that require little prep time and are easy to whip up. We always have tortilla chips and salsa, meats and cheeses, crackers, and some yummy frozen apps (President’s Choice brand is my go-to). Not only will snacks keep your guests from getting hangry but people tend to mingle around spaces where food is laid out so it helps to keep people engaged.

06. Be prepared for overnight guests

12 times out of 10 we have at least one person stay the night after a gathering. We live in the boonies and most of our people drink rather copiously (not hating) and it’s safer that way. Spoiler alert: adult slumber parties are just as fun as non-adult slumber parties. We have 2 guest rooms, a couple of couches, a vast amount of floor space and tons of extra blankets and pillows so our overnight go-hards have a relatively comfortable place to lay their head.

And there you have it, my tell-all guide for making your home feel more welcoming!

Leave me a comment below if any of my tips resonate with you or feel free to share your own tips!

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