Game Night Ideas for Real Winners

I think it’s time that we start admitting that no one plays games just for fun. Games, sports, activities, etc. are about winning and if you disagree, you’re doing it wrong. Just a few weeks ago, I participated in a surly chess match in which I won two straight games against the roommate and I’ve been telling everyone I know since. Sure that probably speaks to the type of person I am but as my Dad always says, if you’re not first you’re last and second is not a place.

If you’re anything like me and my competitive family, then you’ll want to check out the ideas below to host a game night that has your friends (and neighbours) talking for years to come.

For the Competitive Couple

Taboo is the ultimate game for couples who win. The concept is simple, try to get your partner to guess the word on your card without using the taboo words. Get through as many cards as you can before the time runs, tally up your score and let the next team give it a whirl. Why you’ll win? The trick to this game is inside jokes. Couples (or best friends) who are on the same wavelength can use seemingly obscure phrases or jokes to guess their word without coming close to taboo words. Be careful though, the game might show that you’re not as in sync as you thought and it may end in divorce.

For the Closet-Competitor Intellect

Scrabble, obviously. Reach back into the caverns of your brain to find words containing X and Q and place them on the board. Rack up the points as you wordsmith your way to the top spot leaving your practically illiterate pals in your dust. This quintessential game exemplifies genius (and winners).

For the Athletic Frat Boy Type

I think almost everyone has played Beer Pong. Heck, even my 10 year old cousin has played (before you call CAS, he was drinking water so don’t get your knickers in a knot). But for real competitors, you have to try LIFE SIZED Beer Pong. If you’re lucky enough to live on a corner lot (thanks parents), you’ve got the perfect playing field. The object is simple, get the ball into the opposing team’s cups (buckets) and watch them chug their way to Loserville real quick.
What are your game night go to’s?