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Eat Like A Gilmore: Lasagna Roll Ups

Eat Like A Gilmore: Lasagna Roll Ups

We’ve finally made it to the unveiling of my BIG surprise! I know, you could hardly contain yourself. Before we get into it, I need to give serious props to my gal L’Wren, without whom these photos would not exist. Thank you for loaning me your super fancy camera, I felt like a real photographer, so there’s that which is nice.

Last week I was in contact with Kristi Carlson, you may recognize her from such books as Eat Like A Gilmore and the highly anticipated, just released, Eat Like A Gilmore: Daily Cravings. Kristi was looking for bloggers (check), with their own website (check), that had a love of cooking (check) and who were BIG fans of Gilmore Girls (check) to try some of the recipes that are included in the new cookbook that was just released yesterday.

I was asked to try the recipe for Lasagna and write a post about it and honestly, I was thrilled. I’d be that much closer to being a Gilmore and for those that know me, you know that’s a HUGE deal. I’ve watched the show over and over again and developed a bit of an obsession with all things Gilmore. I’ve dreamed of walking through Stars Hollow to a soundtrack filled with Sam Phillips and Grant Lee Buffalo, mingling with quirky townsfolk and participating in all of the small town (with a huge heart) gatherings like the Firelight Festival, Founder’s Day and Bid-a-Basket to name a few. I’ve sought out diners that don’t even come close to eliciting the level of comfort I feel when the Gilmore girls are gorging on burgers at Luke’s. I have consoled my heartbroken self while Rory and Lorelai wallowed, too. I’ve shared, along side the Gilmores, the joys of graduation, celebrated major milestones and felt the undeniable gratitude going all in with the love of my life. The show was a catalyst for many of the ways in which I approached the messy bits of my life and truthfully, sometimes when I watched that small screen as scenes of fast-talking women passed by, I felt like I was home.

So, let’s get onto the cooking experience, shall we? This went sentimental REAL QUICK.

This lasagna recipe was a little different than one would traditionally expect. Each individual noodle is used as the base for a roll up filled with cheese and meat and general deliciousness. One thing that I particularly appreciated about the recipe was that it was easy to follow and easy to read. Each step was outlined clearly and I always felt confident in the instructions.

I began with prepping the sauce, which was made entirely from scratch including fresh tomatoes. It was a simple sauce, seasoned just enough to bring out the bright flavours but also balanced with some earthiness from the fresh parsley.


Once the sauce had reduced, I used my immersion blender to create a smoother consistency and to reduce the large chunks.

I moved on to prepping the beef/pork mixture. The recipe called for some Italian sausage in addition to ground beef. I opted for a spicy Italian sausage to add a level of depth that I thought would work well with the simple flavours of the sauce (spoiler alert: I was right).


Next I prepped the ricotta cheese mixture and started to boil the lasagna noodles. While I was waiting, I hung out with this guy and talked to him in a ridiculously annoying voice and sang him songs. As you can see, he was not impressed. I, on the other hand, was having the time of my life listening to the entire Gilmore Girls soundtrack.


Finally it was time to prep and assemble the roll ups and get them in the oven. I found that the roll up method was substantially less work than the traditional layering (I know because I’m an overachiever and I obviously made both methods outlined in the recipe). The traditional layering created a whole host of issues with the noodles slipping around while I tried to gently spread the ricotta. It was quite the time.


Popped ‘er in the oven for an hour and waited for the bubbly, cheesy goodness (sang some more songs), and VOILA

Top pan - traditional layers, bottom pan - roll ups

Top pan - traditional layers, bottom pan - roll ups


Now I dare you to tell me that’s not the best looking roll up you’ve ever seen.


And here’s proof that someone other than myself tried it.

So here’s the thing, the recipe was really tasty but you need to be able to invest a few hours of your afternoon in order to make it from scratch. In my opinion, it was totally worth it and I would definitely recommend that you try it out!

Eat Like A Gilmore: Daily Cravings is OUT NOW and you can snag it, and the original cookbook HERE. Let me know if you pick up a copy, I’d love to swap cooking stories with you!

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