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Date Night Jar

Date Night Jar

I’m not sure about you, but planning a date night in our house isn’t typically something that goes smoothly. Between trying to decide what restaurants to eat at or trying to have a date night that costs next to nothing, finding the perfect outing to spend some quality time together ends up being a bit of a chore.

Drawing some inspiration from Pinterest (who doesn’t?), I created this nifty popsicle stick date night jar that is simple to make and SUPER cheap!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 50 or so popsicle sticks (or more if you have an exponential amount of ideas)
  • A jar or container to hold the sticks (make sure they actually fit inside)
  • Markers or pens

Start by making a list of ideas for your date nights. Think of restaurants in your neighbourhood, fun events that are going on in your community, outdoorsy outings to conservation areas or fun things to do at home like movie marathons or themed nights that you can plan your night around.

Next, begin writing your ideas onto your popsicle sticks and then place them in your jar. When I made our jar, I chose to colour coordinate each activity (green for restaurants, blue for stay at home dates, pink for community events, etc.).

Next time you’re starved for fresh ideas, grab a stick!

Need some ideas? Check out some of the dates we’ve used!

  • Mini golf
  • Visit an animal shelter
  • Star Wars movie marathon
  • Blue Jays game (or other local sports team)
  • Build a pillow fort and watch a movie night
  • Window shopping (pick a cool neighbourhood with one of a kind shops)
  • Bake cookies and have a Christmas movie marathon (seasonal)
  • Visit a haunted house (seasonal)
  • Dessert only dinner
  • Fondue night
  • Visit an arcade
  • Homemade pizza night
  • Comedy movie marathon
  • Board game night with takeout food

 The ideas are ENDLESS.

Let me know if you try the date night jar! If nothing else, it makes a good conversation piece and might just save you from divorce.

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