Book Review: The Husband's Secret

Husbands secret.jpeg

I usually stop off at the bookstore before the summer starts to stock up on some easy beach reads. I had heard of Liane Moriarty as a result of the Big Little Lies craze. I didn’t read the book but I did binge watch the HBO series with the roommate and we LOVED it. I decided I’d give one of Moriarty’s novels a go and so I picked up The Husband’s Secret.

Truthfully, I found it hard to get into. The book starts incorporating numerous story lines in the first few chapters and I found it a bit hard to keep them all organized in my head. Once I sorted out the characters and their relationships with one another, the book was an easy read and I enjoyed it relatively speaking.

Without spoiling the whole premise, the story follows the lives of a woman who is trying to figure out her husband’s secret which is written in a letter, a woman trying to avenge her daughter who was murdered years prior, a woman whose cousin and husband are having an affair and a slew of secondary characters.

Much like the HBO version of Big Little Lies, I found the plot rather predictable and it seems that Moriarty follows a very simple structure in her writing (for these stories at least) that is the culprit of the crime/mystery is always one of the main character’s husbands. Realistically, if you’ve read it or watched it, you know that Big Little Lies could have also been called The Husband’s Secret and no one would bat an eyelash.

One thing that I can say about Moriarty’s characters was that they never lacked depth. They were intriguing and well developed and helped keep me interested even when I figured out what the secret was half way through the book.

I’m not sure that I’d choose to read another book by Moriarty but I’d recommend this one if you’re into mild thrillers for a decent read.