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An Ode to Pizza

An Ode to Pizza

When I was just a young whipper-snapper, I spent most of my days at my Gramma’s house where we played make-believe and practiced our printing and spelling and math. Nearly every Friday was Pizza Friday and my Gramma would make these personal sized pizzas made from some kind of pita bread and cheddar cheese with a bit of sauce and a few pepperonis on top; it wasn’t gourmet but we LOVED Pizza Friday. Even though you can find pizza just about anywhere that blow’s that makeshift version out of the water, some days I crave it and find myself wishing I could replicate the recipe to have it one more time.

As time has passed, pizza has found its way into my 5 food groups joining the ranks with company such as coffee, mac and cheese, whiskey and bacon. For a good while, I proclaimed that I could eat pizza for every meal; the flavour combinations are endless and it’s just so DELICIOUS. Luckily for my arteries, I decide not to test that theory (often) and occasionally mix in a sweet potato and some broccoli (don’t even get me started on kale).

So, in honour of Pizza Friday, I’ve curated a Pizza for Every Meal Menu and I think you’re going to love it!

Breakfast Pizza (by Smitten Kitchen)

This recipe calls for a homemade dough, but you can definitely use the store bought variety - who wants to wake up at 4am to prepare dough, amirite? Breakfast is incomplete without bacon and eggs, so naturally this pizza includes both. Personally, I’d add a touch of pizza sauce as the recipe doesn't call for it and that just seems like a travesty to me. If you’re feeling really adventurous, make yourself a panzerotti by flipping the dough over onto itself and throw it into your waffle press. Nothing says breakfast like pizza waffles.

Lunch Pizza (by Laura Fuentes)

Throwing it back with this recipe, I present Pita Pizzas. All of the traditional goodness that is sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice made on an easy, personal sized pita. It’s great for school lunches or to use up those pitas that have been sitting on your shelf for just a bit too long. These are neat because you can build your own using whatever toppings you like and they’re ready in a snap!

Dinner Pizza (by The Pioneer Woman)

If you haven’t watched The Pioneer Woman, I highly recommend you do so. Ree Drummond is the epitome of southern charm and her recipes are so comforting. This BBQ Chicken Pizza is smoky and savoury and great for sharing (or not). Again, no tomato sauce in this recipe but you can add it, or use BBQ sauce as your base depending on your preference. And if you’re not into cilantro (let’s face it - you love it or you hate it), then substitute some fresh parsley or omit the greenery garnish altogether.

Dessert Pizza (by Dessert Now, Dinner Later)

I’ve got a weakness for Oreos. I don’t even waste time twisting them apart anymore and usually, they’re a one bite kind of deal. Chocolate fudge is also a fan favourite so this pizza might take the cake. Pun intended. Marshmallow fluff acts as the sauce with full Oreos wedged together to create a chocolatey crust. The perfect way to end your pizza filled day!

Are you going to try any of these recipes?

Tell me what your favourite pizza is!!

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