A Trip to The Market

A few weeks ago, on a quiet Saturday morning while most of the town slept soundly as the sun crept up over the horizon, we found ourselves en route to our local farmers’ market. With no particular items in mind, we spent time people watching, sharing laughs and choosing bouquets of perfectly put together peonies.

To start the day, we stopped into one of our favourite spots for breakfast, Grill Daddy. Pancakes and sausage for me and a skillet filled with bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, cheese and homefries topped with hollandaise for the roommate. Amazing! While I’d love to be able to share what our delicious meals looked like, they were devoured before I could reach for my camera so you’ll just have to take our word for it and head there yourself.

We sipped our coffee, waiting for our bill and soaked in the small town charm surrounding us. The atmosphere was straight out of an episode of Gilmore Girls with quaint tables on patios, shaded by large umbrellas. We watched the people stroll by with their strawberries and peppers and four-legged friends.

Our town’s farmers’ market spans a full block on Main Street and plays host to vendors like The Strudel Lady (DELICIOUS) and Pinecreek Honey and growers like Fenwick Berry Farm and Honest Fields Farm to name a few. You can find everything from flowers to cured meats to guacamole. Every week is a little different.


Surrounded by old buildings and friendly neighbours, we walked the market up and down enjoying the sun before the day grew too hot to be enjoyable. With a full market season ahead of us, we knew there would be tons to see and buy as the summer sped by so we bid the market adieu, but not before stopping to take a photo for the ‘gram, obviously.