A Day in Queen West

One of my very best pals, Tamara, moved to Toronto recently and lives in the area of Queen West. For those that don’t know Queen West is a little neighbourhood on Queen Street between Dufferin and Bathurst (ish) with tons of cool restaurants and shops. A few weeks ago I took a trip down to check out her new digs and get a tour around the neighbourhood. It was an awesome experience because I felt like I was in a small town within a HUGE city. We had some awesome food and checked out some neat shops, not to mention hitting 10,000 steps (shout out to the Fitbit users).

The day started with driving downtown with our friend Steph. From there we met Tamara at her condo, got a quick tour of the place and set out to browse the streets. We stumbled upon a little stationary store (it’s name escapes me) and we browsed the aisle of handmade cards, beautiful paper and the most stylish (yet ridiculously expensive) umbrellas. Tamara noted that there were other (better) stores like this on our route so after a few purchases, we headed on our way.

We continued East on Queen St. where we passed a ridiculously long line for charcoal ice cream, we had no interest in waiting.

We made it to our next destination and wandered around The Paper Place, another stationary store filled with beautiful notebooks, the cutest cards and hand made wrapping paper. This place is definitely worth a visit if you’re a paper fanatic. I LOVED it. I bought a few items and the staff was very friendly which made the visit even better.

We sauntered over to the shop next door called Type Books which is an independent bookstore that was what I imagine heaven to look like. Wall to wall books, antique typewriters, patrons with their nose nearly spine deep in whatever they fancied to pick up. Absolute HEAVEN.

Once we wrapped up at Type, we headed to The Loaded Pierogi to have pizza. Jokes. We had pierogies obviously. The menu was easy to navigate and I was really impressed by the variety. There was something for everyone. We started with cocktails and then dove into the delicious potato filled dumplings. I opted for an order of the Porky Pig which was a classic with bacon, onions and cheddar cheese and I was far from disappointed. It was absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to go back and try something a little more adventurous.

On our way back to Tamara’s place, we stopped for some ice cream (the non-charcoal variety) and obviously I devoured it before I could snap a pic. I got a scoop of Vegan Birthday Cake (made with coconut milk) and a scoop of Ontario Strawberry which was absolutely fantastic!!

We walked a bit further as my feet developed blisters only a Toronto rookie would suffer (you walk EVERYWHERE!) before heading back to Tamara’s place where we chatted and napped off our busy day.

Big shout out to Tamara for hosting us and making it the best day!