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30 by 30

30 by 30

Let me just clarify something real quick before you become too invested in this one. 30 by 30 is not a post about the size of pool I plan to put in my backyard. It is however a list of 30 things I want to accomplish or try or make happen before I’m 30 and, spoiler alert, that’s just a mere 3 years away.

I turned 27 last week. What’s with 27 anyways? It’s the corduroys of your 20s. Not those chic skirts that fashion bloggers are wearing now but those pants from Oshkosh you wore in 4th grade that we’re way too short; underwhelming and holding no real significance other than being a phase we all have to pass through. Yep, corduroys.

The 30 by 30 list was something that bloggers started doing a little while back. I thought it might be a good way for you to learn a little bit about me but also for a way for me to jot down some goals and intentions and develop a little accountability.

So without further adieu:

  1. Visit Scotland, England, Ireland

  2. Visit New York (again)

  3. Take a trip to Disney World with some pals (heads up friends)

  4. Travel to the South of France

  5. Buy furniture and finish the living room

  6. Get night stands and a dresser for our room and maybe change the paint?

  7. Finally, actually, unpack everything from our move

  8. Build a craft nook in the basement, complete with gift wrapping supplies

  9. Set up the friggin’ printer

  10. Read one book per month (minimum)

  11. Get a good DSLR and check out some photography tutorials

  12. Schedule date nights twice a month - better step it up BH

  13. Get some profesh photos taken, think headshots but more in my element, like eating a box of KD out of the pot

  14. Drink enough water every day

  15. Build a raised garden box and grow my own herbs, veggies and plant some wild flowers

  16. Meet up with some other local bloggers for a networking event, ANYONE?!

  17. Find 2 freelance clients

  18. Buy more art and frame some of my own photos

  19. Acquire at least 10 more albums on vinyl, especially Bing Crosby’s Christmas Classics

  20. Train Easton to stay off the damn road

  21. Donate 3 bags of clothes

  22. Sponsor a family for Christmas

  23. Make a perfect cappuccino at home

  24. Cook a hearty Sunday dinner at least once a month

  25. Try a new recipe at least once a month

  26. Start making my own candles and give them as gifts!

  27. Write home tour blog posts once all of the decorating is done

  28. Attend the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in Connecticut

  29. Write more hand written notes

  30. Get back into yoga and try some meditation, too!

And there you have it! It might be a little bit lofty but if not now, then when?

Do we have any goals in common? What’s on your list of things to try, to see, to learn, to do?

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