Beating the Winter Blues

It’s about the time when Winter seems to far overstay it’s welcome. We start craving more sunlight, and mother nature teases us with just a sliver more of it each day. Mild days make us excited for Spring but our hopes are quickly dashed when we get hit with an overnight deep freeze and slip down our driveways walking to the car in the morning.

Some people might suggest embracing Winter and all the cold and snow and ice that comes with it by hitting the slopes or having a good old fashioned snowball fight. But not me. To beat the cold, you’ve got to heat things up! Check out some ideas below to beat the Winter Blues!

 The Royalton White Sands - Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Royalton White Sands - Montego Bay, Jamaica

Research a Tropical Vacation

Going to a tropical island, while tempting, is not always possible (you know, because of those things we go to every day called jobs, or the stuff we don’t have enough of called money) but you’d be amazed how much your mood can change by simply looking at photos of beautiful beaches and buffets and reading guest reviews. The plus side is that you can bookmark your favourites to use when you find yourself able to actually get away.

Enjoy a Warm Beverage

Warm the cockles of your heart with a seasonal beverage! Indulge in an old faithful like Baileys and coffee and hot toddies or be a little adventurous and try something new like this Hot Honey Lemon with Vodka

Take a Hot Yoga Class

This one is rather self-explanatory; need to warm up? Why not practice various yoga positions whilst in a sweltering 98* room with 25 other people. This is what dreams are made of.

Embrace Every Bit of Sunshine

In the depths of winter, it’s not often we see the sun for more than an hour or so. This makes it even more vital to head outside to grab some rays whenever you can. Bundle up and take a brisk walk around your neighbourhood. Your skin, your mood and your heart will thank you!

Grab an Adult Colouring Book

What better way to brighten up your winter blues than by making your life a little less monochromatic with an adult colouring book. Not only is this a relaxing hobby but with countless options, you can immerse yourself in jungles, botanical gardens or even the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One of my faves is Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. Absolutely whimsical!