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The Ultimate Holiday Tradition Checklist

The Ultimate Holiday Tradition Checklist

Christmas is a HUGE deal for my family. I mean decorate every square inch of the house, chop down a fresh tree, sing carols kind of huge deal. Every year we go through our various holiday traditions, and sometimes find new ones to add along the way.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite holiday activities for you to try!

1)      Indulge in the first Candy Cane Hot Chocolate of the season… in October. We like to get a head start. As Christmas gets closer, add a bigger and bigger splash of Bailey’s until Christmas Eve arrives and it’s just Baileys in your cup.

2)      Pack up the family and spend some time at a Christmas Tree Farm picking the PERFECT tree. We’re big fans of the Colorado Blue Spruce.

3)      Help your kids make homemade tree ornaments. Trust me when I say they will be the UGLIEST things you’ve ever laid eyes on but you’ll laugh about it 20 years down the road.

4)      Take a Christmas light tour around your neighbourhood to see how your house stacks up against your neighbours.


5)      Bundle up and head out to your local outdoor skating rink to help bring out your inner Scott Moyer/Tessa Virtue

6)      Host a Cookie Swap and have your friends bring a few batches of their best recipes. Trade baking tips and share libations while sampling classics and new favourites.

7)      Donate a toy to your local charity to make a child’s Christmas a little more magical.

8)      Take a visit to your local Christmas Market or Bazaar. You’re sure to find one of a kind crafts and delicious baked goods, not to mention the Instagram worthy photos you’ll capture.

9)      Listen to your favourite Christmas carols and really let that nostalgia kick in.

10)   Hold a gingerbread house decorating contest. Nothing says healthy competition like the holiday season.

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