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Five Things to Do When You Move Into Your Own Place

Five Things to Do When You Move Into Your Own Place


I have TONS of paperwork. Anything you can imagine from bank statements to recipes. What better time to organize all that clutter in a way that works for you than when you move into your own place! You can start by organizing documents into categories like Finances (loans, bank statements, receipts), Household (recipes, contracts, warranties), Work (paystubs, memos, training/schooling documentation) or whatever works for you!

Once you’ve organized the documents into categories, decide how you will store them. I tend to lean towards colour coordinated file folders and am a BIG fan of filing cabinets but binders and wall files can work well too. If you have the space, household command centres can be a great option for compiling all your important information in one place!

Don’t forget the most important step – continuing to file your documents! Keeping up on filing will make your life SO much easier if you ever need to find old records or produce documents to qualify for a loan, etc.


Flying the nest comes with a lot of challenges and stress. I don’t think we understand how much work it is to run and maintain a household until we find ourselves struggling to change burnt out light bulbs, clean the toilets, fix a door handle, mount a TV on the wall; all while trying to make your lunch for work tomorrow.

But, the GREAT thing about moving into your own place is that you can make it whatever you want. Maybe you have an eclectic art collection that your folks weren’t too fond of – now you get to display that in all its abstract glory! Maybe you’ve spent the last 20 years in a childhood bedroom with beige walls but you’re into bright colours and accents – paint away! Maybe you prefer that your cupboards and pantry match with uniform containers and canisters with cute rustic labels and so I say to you – bust out your inner Martha Stewart because “Life is too complicated not to be orderly” (Martha really said that)




Adapt! The only way we will grow into our best selves is to face challenges head on and to embrace change. Moving into your own places is a great opportunity to try cooking that Mediterranean or Indian recipe you’ve been salivating over. When you’re cooking for yourself (and maybe your roommate or partner), you have less critics! Experiment! Make sure you keep recipes you LOVE and maybe accidently misplace the ones that weren’t really working for you.

Having a whole space to yourself can also foster interests into new activities. You might be able to start practicing Yoga with the help of a YouTube coach or start making candles now that you have the office space that doubles as fragrance test lab.


Dinner parties? Yes. You read that correctly. If you’re a self-proclaimed die hard party host (like myself), you will absolutely bask in the opportunity to invite your friends and family over to share the space you’ve created and to enjoy the recipes you’ve procured and fine-tuned.  Dinner parties are a great way to catch up with your nearest and dearest at a time when everyone’s lives seem to be moving in all sorts of directions. Don’t forget the smaller details that help to make your guests feel welcome. It’s SUPER easy to pick a cute font and print out your menu to add to each guest’s place setting or to make homemade name cards. Be creative! Remember – since you obviously have a candle laboratory and have concocted some of the most enjoyable scents known to mankind, you can make your place feel more homey by lighting them up; the candles, that is.


(DISCLAIMER: This post in no way suggests that getting a pet is the right choice for everyone). If you have the space, the financial resources and time it takes to raise and care for a pet, then get one! Spend time determining what type of animal will work best for you and your household. If you live in a 600-square foot condo, it’s probably not the wisest idea to get a Great Dane, but hey, I don’t know your life. Once you decide on that lizard/bird/hamster/cat/dog, welcome them into your home! Remember to ensure you have the proper set up (cages, beds, etc.) and don’t forget that pets also need food. People will develop an interesting relationship with their pets; you take care of them, walk them, feed them, brush them, take them to the vet and the very most that a pet can do for you is snuggle you or bring the ball back when you’re playing fetch. But in actuality, what you get out of a pet comes from exactly what they don’t give to you; a pet will teach you the meaning of unconditional love and at a major turning point in your life, when the challenges you face may make you jaded, you mustn’t forget to love.

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