Our Transition to a Small Town

We bought a house! Okay - it's old news... back in February 2015 we kind of stumbled across the opportunity, luck worked in our favour and we put a down payment on a new-build home scheduled for completion in April of 2016. Fast forward passed a few delays and a new completion date of February 2017 and it finally feels real!
Milton, Ontario is Canada's fastest growing municipality and yet, it was my first choice for our new home because of the small town charm paired with the close proximity to the suburbs of Mississauga and core of Downtown Toronto. It's the best of both worlds! Milton has tons going on from Street Festivals and Santa Claus Parades to Fall Fairs and Farmer's Markets.
Being the type of person I am (overly anal and organized), I thought it would be a good idea to start getting familiar with The Town before we move in. I made a list of restaurants I want to try, Mom and Pop shops I want to visit and other sites to see.
Over the last couple of weeks we've crossed 2 destinations off our list.

Troy's Diner

Troy's Diner is located on Main Street in Downtown Milton. An inconspicuous store front might not stand out to someone passing by but for the people who know their way around town, they know that what Troy's lacks in curb appeal is more than made up for in the diner decorated with hockey, wrestling and Coca-Cola memorabilia. The service was FANTASTIC. Our server was kind and warm and we felt like we had grown up eating at Troy's. We ordered a chocolate milkshake which was the BEST milkshake one could imagine! The special for the day was a pulled beef sandwich on a fresh bun with cheese and onions, smothered in an amazing BBQ sauce.
Seriously AWESOME!
I've heard from some other locals that Troy's has the best breakfast and after the meal we had, we'll be sure to keep going back!

The Hen and The Roost Espresso Bar and Cafe

Just off of Main Street in Downtown Milton, The Hen and The Roost is an independent coffee shop offering hot drinks and bistro inspired grub. Trying this spot out a few weeks ago, I've since been back again as I've fallen head over boots for their cappuccino! The Hen and The Roost is situated in a cute spot, has a few tables for a coffee date or a nook if you're looking for a quiet spot for some quality time with whatever pages you're flipping these days.

We can't wait to visit our new favourite spots again and again, and find new ones along the way!

We've hit 2 spots but have dozens more to go! Follow us on our journey!

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