Less Connected, More Reflective; My Tech-Free Experiment

I graduated from university over a year ago and up until recently, hadn't picked up a book to read for pleasure in nearly 6 years. Yes, I read my textbooks, various research articles, read and re-read my essays and assignments but anything I consumed was for the sole purpose of obtaining a $40,000 piece of paper otherwise known as my degree. Of course, the consistent exception to this was being more than actively involved in my various social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
So, at the beginning of this past July I went on a camping trip with six friends and catapulted my way back into the wondrous world of reading for reading sake. For nearly the entire weekend, my phone remained uncharged and though I posted a few photos on Instagram (baby steps eh?), I finished the two books I had on the go and felt entirely rejuvenated. After returning home, I reflected on my time in the great outdoors and concluded that being glued to my phone or tablet was literally melting my brain and as such, I implemented my new rule on how to avoid turning into a tech-obsessed, mushy-brained zombie.

Every time I was at home, or even out and about if it would permit, I'd attempt to minimize the use of my phone. Each time I felt compelled to check Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest (the list goes on and on), I'd instead pick up the book I was currently reading and get lost in the pages. Yes, I've lost the finger workout of the beloved Insta 'double tap' but flipping pages works all the same.

Interestingly, my family noticed my change in "behaviour" and at one point my sister told me that I read too much. All I did was replace the time spent on my phone or computer with time spent reading and it was as if I'd turned into an entirely different person!
Since beginning my "Tech-Free Experiment", I've read several books and feel infinitely more motivated and content with how I'm spending my free time.

I HIGHLY recommend unplugging for a week or two and you'll surely notice a difference. Sure, I may not be up-to-date on everyone's gossip or whereabouts, and it might take a little longer to respond to a text or email but I'm taking all sorts of new adventures without going anywhere at all!

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