Sunday Roundup

Hopefully Spring has officially sprung because the string of lousy, rainy days has taken a toll on my mojo. I try to remind myself that rain is an important part of nature - we need it in order for our water well to fill back up, but sometimes a girl just craves Vitamin D, amirite?

Top Wedding Trends of 2019

Our wedding was planned, almost entirely, within 4 months of our engagement. But I realized that once we decided on colours, flowers, menu, etc. my endless scrolling on Pinterest came to a halt and I wasn’t up to snuff on the new and exciting trends predicted for the 2019 season. So I started doing some research and found some really fun and unique shifts that are happening in the world of weddings.

Sunday Roundup

Can someone please explain to me the genius that is Billy Ray Cyrus and the glorious one hit wonders that he has brought into our lives? Listen, Achy Breaky Heart is obviously a bonafide classic. But then they guy hits us 26 years later with Old Town Road? We don’t deserve him.

My Very New York Bachelorette Party

A couple of weekends ago, my bridesmaids and I headed to New York City to celebrate my fast approaching nuptials and generally have a debaucherous time. Our weekend was filled with fabulously ‘New York’ experiences - think Frank Sinatra, killer pizza and subway adventures. Keep reading to get a behind the scenes look at what we got up to on #SamInTheCity.

Loving Lately: Podcast Favourites

One thing I really enjoy about podcasts is that there is something for EVERYONE. From business and entrepreneurship to true crime and advice columns, the genres of the podcast world span far and wide, as do the episode lengths. Although it’s hard to narrow down, I think these are my favourite shows right now, I hope you check them out!

Sunday Roundup

Could it be? Are we finally passed the literal and figurative slump otherwise known as winter? I don’t mean to jinx it but I broke out my Chuck Taylor’s yesterday and wore a JUST a hoodie to the grocery store. It was still 0 degrees but we’re halfway through March FOR GOD SAKES and I’m over it.

Recipe Box: Mushroom Ravioli

When I was in university, we had a campus cafe that served the BEST mushroom ravioli. It’s been years since I’ve had it so I tried to recreate the dish a few weeks ago, complete with hand-rolled dough. Keep reading for my recipe for mushroom ravioli and get some of the tips I picked up along the way!

Sunday Roundup

I’m writing this as I eat Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked right out of the container while our wood burning fireplace emits just a the slightest campfire scent. This has become my definition of a wild Saturday night and honestly, I’m not mad about it. There was a point in time when the idea of a quiet night in without a real plan would have really bothered me…

A Guide to Travel Itinerary Planning

Travelling has become a bit of hot topic for us lately. With our trip to Malta last fall, a handful of weekend adventures in years past and our honeymoon fast approaching, it’s safe to say our sense of wanderlust is alive and well. As with other facets of my life, travelling is just as much about the planning process as it is the execution. I feel like you can never be too prepared when exploring a new destination which is why I spend an ample amount of time developing a detailed itinerary for each trip we take.

Sunday Roundup

We live in a world of instant gratification, where ‘yes’ feels like the only answer we can give and busyness is worn as a badge of honour. But with this sense of always having to be ‘on’ it’s no wonder we burn out, and find ourselves miserably going through the motions. See, without taking time to fill ourselves back up, we struggle to have anything left to give.

Living Room Decor Inspiration

The next task on our to-do list is to finish up our living room. With our wedding fast approaching, we’re putting off the design and purchase of new furniture until the summer but it’s never too early to start planning (it is one of my strongest skills after all). I’ve rounded up some of my favourite trends and inspiration, check it out below!

Galentine's Day

I am lucky to surround myself with some badass, top notch women. They are intelligent, passionate, caring, hilarious and, yea they’re all friggin’ stunners in their own right. So while I’m not typically one for holidays rooted in consumerism, I do think there is something to be said for taking an opportunity to show the people in your life how much they mean to you; and if that means you need a yearly reminder on February 14, so be it.

Sunday Roundup

I came to a bit of a revelation this week over on the ‘gram. I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it, and in case you could also use a bit of permissions to accept this slow season for what it is. Don’t worry, the regular roundup is just below, so if you aren’t into my incredibly prolific internal thoughts (she said dripping with sarcasm), scroll down.

Wedding Planner Q&A with Weddings By Alexandra

Planning a wedding can be OVERWHELMING to say the least. We started planning ours about a year and a half ago and while many of our decisions were easy to make, it’s wild to think about how much effort and brain capacity goes into planning the biggest party of your life. My pal Alex from Weddings By Alexandra took some time to answer some key wedding planning questions that I think you’re going to find VERY useful.

Sunday Round Up

Good morning friends! Happy Sunday! I tried on my wedding dress yesterday. It was the first time since sometime last spring and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype it had after I “said yes to the dress”. I’m happy to report that it did.

Friday Introductions: 10 Things About Me

I figured it was time for an introduction to the gal behind the blog for those that may not know me! I’ve been seeing more readers lately than ever before and from all over the world, which is AMAZING! Who knew this blog could reach people in the United Kingdom, South Africa and even Australia - HELLO FRIENDS.

Sunday Round Up

Hey! Happy Sunday! I’m writing today’s post from my favourite spot in the house - the kitchen island. BH is meal prepping (he’s the real MVP) and we’re listening to the Hangover Friendly Playlist on Spotify which, I might add, is great even when you’re not hungover.

Wedding Plans: How We Found Our Wedding Photographer

From vendors to menu to honeymoon plans, I’ve had a ton of questions about our wedding. I thought I’d start to share some of the details as our big day approaches – hopefully my tips and tricks will be useful or at the very least, satisfy your nosy self (no shame). For our first dive into the wedding planning trenches, I’m talking all about how we found our photographer…